Editorial Review Board (2023)

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Starts: 08-02-2022
Location: Online Opportunity


The Editorial Review Board (ERB) contributes to the publication of the association’s journal, Radiology Management, by reviewing, writing, and soliciting articles. Members of the ERB are current AHRA members in good standing. They shall serve a two-year term, and can serve a maximum of (2) two-year terms. They are appointed by the editor-in-chief based on the calendar year and, whenever possible, members shall be selected based on demonstrated expertise in one or more areas identified as priorities in the editorial scope of the journal. The editor-in-chief serves as chairperson of the ERB for a three-year term and can serve a maximum of (2) three-year terms. He/she is appointed by the AHRA president. Regular columnists are not considered members of the ERB. All parties will work with an AHRA staff liaison.

Role and Functions:
The Editorial Review Board, in collaboration with staff or contractors:
1. Participates in the solicitation, review, and recommendation of articles and features for publication in Radiology Management. They will follow generally accepted publishing practices and guidelines, which also meet the mission and vision of AHRA.
2. The Editorial Review Board will review manuscripts submitted for publication in the journal, identifying:
a) Appropriateness
b) Benefit to members
c) Timeliness of topic
d) Professional level of interest
e) Potential negative effects to the AHRA or Radiology Management
3. Each member will write at least one feature article or two columns during a single term
4. Participates in Review for annual Editorial Awards.
5. Contributing editors are not considered members of the Editorial Review Board. They will write a regular column.
6. The Editorial Review Board will be available to meet at least annually at the annual association meeting and on an adhoc basis. Meetings may be via conference call or in person.

The position will run through the rest of 2022 until December 31st, 2023.

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