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Evaluation criteria

A good essay must comply with the assessment criteria. Your selectivity and strong authorship will not play a special role if the criteria are observed during revision. If you think that the goal of life is not only important, but also harmful - you should not write my essay about it. You may be right, many psychologists agree with you. But you won't get a high rating. Therefore, in this case, hypocrisy and write the work in all the rules. And you still have a chance to express your real opinion, believe me.

According to the FII, the criteria for the final essay are:

  • Conformance Issues.
  • Argument with written material participation.
  • Composition and argument logic.
  • The quality of the writing.
  • Reading and writing skills.

The basics are first and second. Here is offset or nonsense. Thus, the essay should reveal the topic, is communicating the intention. As an argument, it is important to use literature, it is desirable that you have moved within the school curriculum. Quotation marks and examples from literary works should be literate, as if you are finding argument confirmation in the author's words.

Without an attractive literary material, it is impossible to write an essay.

The logic of composition and reasoning is actually a sequence of presentations and the relationship between thesis and evidence.

The thesis was presented - provide evidence, support examples.

According to the quality of the speech design, a different vocabulary is understood. Try to avoid stamps, use appropriate \u200b\u200b terms. Not sure of interpretation - do not use.

Like literacy, it is exhibited when grammatical errors make it difficult to perceive the text. Usually up to 5 errors per 100 words. We recommend not to use words, in literacy, whose spelling you are not sure of. Russian, as you remember, rich, flexible and charming - find synonyms.

Arguments and examples from literature

Unreached meanings. Roman R. Gallago's "White on Black" reinforces the idea that there are no insurmountable obstacles. The protagonist Burning, separated from his mother, leads a hard and deprived life. But despite everything, he continues learning and does not give up, because it becomes a famous recognized writer. Simplify your task if you buy persuasive essay. Otherwise, Roman is autobiographical.

A great ambition. It aims to achieve good not only for himself, but also for the people around him. At the same time, it is not a utopia, but has a rather real sense of reason. An example is the story of V. Aksenova "Colleagues", in which three friends become doctors and realize the importance of their lives, getting a chance to save people's lives.

Lack of purpose. At the "bottom" of the game heroes Maxim Gorky \u200b\u200 have no goals in life. They live, driven by urgent desires - to drink, eat and so on. One of the heroes seems to want to find a goal and find a hospital, return to the past with (possibly imagined) glory and a bright life, but can't find himself and eventually hangs on.

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