Discussion Posts

In addition to the AHRA Forum we have created other discussion communities specifically for certain groups and interests. If you are posting a new topic related to a specific community, select the related community, for example; 'Regulatory and Reimbursement' so the AHRA community can answer these important topics and keep you updated! All other topics please post to the AHRA Forum.

• Regulatory and Reimbursement: Specifically for regulatory and reimbursement related topics.
• Executive Leadership Community: For leaders and aspiring leaders in medical imaging to share ideas, thoughts, and ask questions to grow in their roles into effective and successful leaders. Sign up is required, click here to join.
• CRA Community: For all things CRA and for people studying to become a Certified Radiology Administrator. CRA's are encouraged to join this group to network with peers and to offer assistance to questions raised by aspiring CRAs. Sign up is required, click here to join.
• Military Community: For medical imaging professionals who have or are currently serving our country to share insight and ask questions in relation to the military and transitioning into the civilian sector. Approval is required to join this community, and you must indicate your military service in your AHRA profile.